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These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and BlockBoosted SAS ("Company," “we," “us," or “our”), concerning your access to and use of the https://blockboosted.com website and all its subdomains (such as https://app.blockboosted.com or https://tip.blockboosted.com) as well as any other media form, media channel, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto; including without limitation using our services to view, explore, create and participate in fundraising campaigns and use our tools, at your own discretion, to connect directly with others to take part in a fundraising campaign on public blockchains (collectively, the “Site”). “Fundraising campaigns” in these Terms means a pool with a certain duration available on a blockchain (such as the BNB Smart Chain), which uses a smart contract to collect donations in cryptocurrencies given by backers.
(V1) refers to Version 1 of the platform, while
(V2) refers to Version 2 of the platform.

You agree that by accessing the Site, you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these Terms of Use. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS OF USE, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM USING THE SITE AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY.

BlockBoosted is not a wallet provider, exchange, broker, financial institution, or creditor. BlockBoosted provides a web3 service that allows users to create and back up campaigns on public blockchains. We do not have custody or control over the campaigns or blockchains you are interacting with. To use our Site, you must use a third-party wallet which allows you to engage in transactions on blockchains (like Metamask).
BlockBoosted is not a party to any agreement between any users. You bear full responsibility for verifying the identity, legitimacy, and authenticity of campaigns that you take part in from third-party sellers using the Site and we make no claims about the identity, legitimacy, functionality, or authenticity of users or campaigns (and any content associated with such campaigns) visible on the Site.

Supplemental terms and conditions or documents that may be posted on the Site from time to time are hereby expressly incorporated herein by reference. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes or modifications to these Terms of Use from time to time. Please ensure that you check the applicable Terms every time you use our Site so that you understand which Terms apply. The information provided on the Site is not intended for distribution to or use by any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation or which would subject us to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction or country. Accordingly, those persons who choose to access the Site from other locations do so on their own initiative and are solely responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

The Site is intended for users who are at least 13 years of age. All users who are minors in the jurisdiction in which they reside (generally under the age of 18) must have the permission of, and be directly supervised by, their parent or guardian to use the Site. If you are a minor, you must have your parent or guardian read and agree to these Terms of Use prior to you using the Site.


Like much of web3, your blockchain address functions as your identity on BlockBoosted. Accordingly, you will need a blockchain address and a third-party wallet to access the Site. Your account on the service (“Profile”) will be associated with your blockchain address; however, if you want to add some flair to your BlockBoosted profile, you can add additional information, such as a profile picture, website, etc…
Your Profile on BlockBoosted will be associated with your linked blockchain address and display the campaigns for that blockchain address. By using your wallet in connection with the Site, you agree that you are using that wallet under the terms and conditions of the applicable provider of the wallet. Wallets are not operated by, maintained by, or affiliated with BlockBoosted, and BlockBoosted does not have custody or control over the contents of your wallet and has no ability to retrieve or transfer its contents. BlockBoosted accepts no responsibility for, or liability to you, in connection with your use of a wallet and makes no representations or warranties regarding how the Site will operate with any specific wallet. You are solely responsible for keeping your wallet secure and you should never share your wallet credentials or seed phrase with anyone. If you discover an issue related to your wallet, please contact your wallet provider. Likewise, you are solely responsible for your Profile and any associated wallet and we are not liable for any acts or omissions by you in connection with your Profile or as a result of your Profile or wallet being compromised. You agree to immediately notify us if you discover or otherwise suspect any security issues related to the Site or your Profile (you can contact us here).
You also represent and warrant that you will comply with all applicable laws when using the Site. Without limiting the foregoing, by using the Site, you represent and warrant that: (1) you have the legal capacity and you agree to comply with these Terms of Use; (2) you are not under the age of 13; (3) you are not a minor in the jurisdiction in which you reside, or if a minor, you have received parental permission to use the Site; (4) you will not access the Site through automated or non-human means, whether through a bot, script, or otherwise; (5) you will not use the Site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose; and (6) your use of the Site will not violate any applicable law or regulation.


You may not access or use the Site for any purpose other than that for which we make the Site available.

As a user of the Site, you agree not to:

  • Systematically retrieve data or other content from the Site to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database, or directory without written permission from us.
  • Trick, defraud, or mislead us and other users, especially in any attempt to learn sensitive account information.
  • Circumvent, disable, or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Site, including features that prevent or restrict the use or copying of any Content or enforce limitations on the use of the Site and/or the Content contained therein.
  • Disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.
  • Use any information obtained from the Site in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person.
  • Make improper use of our support services or submit false reports of abuse or misconduct.
  • Use the Site in a manner inconsistent with any applicable laws or regulations.
  • Attempt to impersonate another user or person
  • Attempt to bypass any measures of the Site designed to prevent or restrict access to the Site, or any portion of the Site.
  • Copy or adapt the Site’s software.
  • Use a buying agent or purchasing agent to make purchases on the Site.
  • Create campaigns that trick or mislead other users
  • Create or display illegal content, such as content that may involve child sexual exploitation, sexual, racist or offensive content.
  • Create or display campaigns that promote suicide or self-harm, incites hate or violence against others, or doxes another individual.
  • Use the Site for money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit financing;
  • Making self or fakes donations on a campaign to improve its awareness or abusing of the reward system;
  • Use the Site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, including creating or displaying illegal content, or encouraging or promoting any activity that violates the Terms & Conditions of the Site.
  • Use the Site in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect or inhibit other users from fully enjoying the Site.


The Site may contain (or you may be sent via the Site) links to other websites ("Third-Party Websites") as well as articles, photographs, text, graphics, pictures, designs, music, sound, video, information, applications, software, and other content or items belonging to or originating from third parties ("Third-Party Content"). Such Third-Party Websites and Third-Party Content are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, appropriateness, or completeness by us, and we are not responsible for any Third-Party Content.


We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to: (1) monitor the Site for violations of these Terms of Use; (2) take appropriate legal action against anyone who, in our sole discretion, violates the law or these Terms of Use, including without limitation, reporting such user to law enforcement authorities; (3) in our sole discretion and without limitation, refuse, restrict access to, limit the availability of, or disable (to the extent technologically feasible) any of your Contributions or any portion thereof; (4) in our sole discretion and without limitation, notice, or liability, to remove from the Site or otherwise disable all files and content that do not respect those terms of use.


Campaign contract creation

When you create a campaign, you will interact with our “factory” smart contract. This will create a new instance of our “campaign” smart contract that will be associated with your campaign. We do not have the hand on this smart contract : it is public on the blockchain; has its own address and everyone can interact with it. We provide on our Site an easy way to interact with it.

Donating to a campaign

Users can donate to a campaign interacting with the smart contract associated with it through a dedicated function. They should do so on the Site on the checkout page of the campaign, accessible by the “Back this campaign” button on the campaign’s page, or by selecting any of the reward tier available.
Notice that no refund of any kind will be possible on the Site once you have backed the campaign.

As soon as you participate in a campaign, you consent and agree that your email will be shared with the creator of the campaign to receive eventual rewards from them. Note that this is the only way for the creator to contact you. If you don’t fill your email address on your profile, we will not be responsible nor the creator of the campaign for the non-delivery of the eventual counterparties associated with your donation as there will be no way for us to contact you.

Every donation/interaction not made through the Site to/with the campaign’s contract may result in an unwanted behavior. We aren’t responsible for any donation/interaction not made through the Site that would not fulfill its purpose.

Campaigns display

Creating an offensive or inappropriate campaign on BlockBoosted will result in the immediate deletion of the campaign from the platform.
Note that each campaign needs to be reviewed by our team before it’s accessible on our platform. If a campaign doesn’t respect these Terms of Use, we reserve ourselves the right to unapprove it at any given time. An unapproved campaign will not be displayed on our platform, hence we won’t provide any interface to access its smart-contract, nor show its description, images, or any other related data. Creators will be informed by notification about the status of their campaign. In case of an unapproved campaign, the creator has up to one month to contest our decision, or the data linked to the campaign will be definitely removed from our database.
As mentioned throughout theses Terms of Use, an offensive, racist, illegal or sexual related campaign will not be displayed on our platform. BlockBoosted has the right to remove this campaign at any moment if it does not fit the terms and conditions specified.

Campaigns are ranked & displayed depending on their status and “like score”. Ongoing campaigns will be displayed first, followed by future campaigns and finished campaigns. The “like score” increases each time a user likes a campaign.
(V1) Each user has the same “like” weight.
(V2) The weight of the “like” depends on the amount of BBST tokens they possess. The more tokens, the more heavy the “like” is.

Campaign realization

From the end of the campaign, the campaign creator will be able to withdraw the amount raised - i.e. the balance on the associated smart contract - interacting with it through a dedicated function that can be called on the Site directly on the campaign’s page (“Withdraw” button).
If a platform fee is applicable, it will be taken during the withdrawal process automatically.
(V1) We do not take any platform fee.
(V2) For campaigns held in BBST, we do not take any fee. Otherwise, a 3.5% platform fee will apply.

Note that the creator will be able to withdraw the whole balance even though the campaign has not reached its objective.

From the end of the campaign, the campaign creator undertakes to provide the Counterparties offered to the backers in accordance with the commitment made by the latter when its campaign was put online on the Site. For this purpose, the campaign creator will be able to download a CSV file on the campaign’s page containing necessary information about backers (“Download data” button).

In the event that the Campaign Holder could not remunerate the backers of the Promised Counterparties, it expressly undertakes to reimburse them in full and accepts that the Company may in no case assist it in this process.

The Company is not responsible for the actions of Campaign Holders who remain solely responsible for the terms that bind them to the backer.

The Project Promoters are solely responsible for the collection of Donations that they organize through the intermediation of the Site and any Counterparties that they propose to the backers as part of the Projects presented on the Site. Therefore, any risks involved in the development and execution of a Project, as well as any postponements and cancellations, are fully covered by the creator.

In the event of cancellation of a Project, the Project Holder shall arrange refunds at its sole discretion and the Company shall not be held responsible for refunds of Donations collected through the Site.

Reward system

Every donation made through the Site interface to a campaign registers you into the rewards system. Rewards are distributed every week among the users of the Site, according to their donations and limited to a maximum amount per user and per week. We reserve the right to modify at every moment the amount of rewards given per week without prior notification. Note that any donation not made through our UI may not imply a registration in our reward system.
Rewards will be given in BBST Token, and balances will be updated at the beginning of every week (UTC timezone).
(V1) You won’t be able to claim your rewards in V1, as BBST Token is not issued yet. However, balances will be updated when you make a donation, and you will be able to claim your rewards when V2 launches : rewards will be retroactive.


We care about data privacy and security. Please review our Privacy Policy: https://blockboosted.com/privacy. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Terms of Use. Please be advised the Site is hosted in France. If you access the Site from any other region of the world with laws or other requirements governing personal data collection, use, or disclosure that differ from applicable laws in France, then through your continued use of the Site, you are transferring your data to France, and you agree to have your data transferred to and processed in France.

8. Legal Notices

Identification of the publisher

Users are informed that the Site is published by BLOCKBOOSTED SAS, a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) with a share capital of 25 000 Euros, registered in the Nanterre trade and companies register under number 901 342 626, having its head office at 38 rue Victor Hugo, 92800 PUTEAUX, FRANCE. Unique tax identification number (intra-Community VAT number): FR18901342626.

Site hoster

The Site is hosted by the company OVH SAS, whose details are as follows: OVH 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix

Contact for any claims concerning the Site and/or its content

The contact email for any claims concerning the Site and/or its Content is contact@blockboosted.com


In order to resolve a complaint regarding the Site or to receive further information regarding use of the Site, please contact us at:

BlockBoosted SAS
38 Rue Victor Hugo
Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine 92800